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The company offers activities of New Design, Restructuring, Construction up to the start-up of fuel distribution systems also with the "turnkey" formula. The experiences gained thanks to collaborative relationships with oil companies, allow Ar.Tec., With consultancy and feasibility studies, to propose modernization and strengthening interventions of the fuel network as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.



Ar.Tec. since 2018 it offers a new authorization management service that offers the customer the possibility of:

- Delegate to Ar.Tec. constant control of all deadlines / renewals otherwise charged to the Company for technical, commercial and administrative authorizations;

- Be notified of deadlines by email and / or text message a few months before the data expires;

- Instruct Ar.Tec. the renewal of authorizations with a simple click;

- Have an updated, ordered and immediately available database of all the documentation of your fuel system;



The know-how acquired in the oil-commercial sector has made it possible to develop orders also in the specific commercial sector: car wash centers, bars, snack bars, shops, Retail, medium-sized sales structures etc.



The different skills of the professional members and partners of the company allow us to deal with both the design of new buildings, single residences or subdivisions, and the restructuring and recovery of existing assets; particular attention is paid to the construction processes following bioclimatic and / or energy containment criteria as established by the most recent regulations, making the best use of natural resources and resorting, where possible, to alternative sources of energy. The company offers a complete service: the analysis of the geographical positioning and the economic plan, also topographical surveys, design and executive design, stacking and final usability. Our philosophy for residential construction projects is based on the concept of "non-serial house": we think that the place where you live should be an environment that is as much as possible "tailor-made" and personal. This is why each of our projects is unique, reflects the customer's needs and fits harmoniously into the landscape. Our three-dimensional graphics and photo editing software allow you to draw up perspective sketches or process realistic photo renders so as to allow the Client to evaluate, at least virtually, the finished work inserted in its context.



Ar.Tec. actively collaborates with companies and companies able to guarantee the quality of its work from an executive and operational point of view, up to the functional and regulatory certification of the works and services produced. Currently the company has established a collaboration relationship with engineering firms for structural and plant design. Currently there is collaboration with geologists, agronomists, archaeologists and with studies specialized in photogrammetric survey.


Ar.Tec. was ISO 9001 certified with Certificate No. IT 08/0505 from 2008 to 2020 to optimize business processes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency in product realization and service delivery, and enhance customer satisfaction.

- provide their services on a regular basis and ensure that they meet the customer's requirements and the applicable mandatory ones.

- facilitate opportunities to increase customer satisfaction;

- addressing risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives

- demonstrate compliance with the requirements specified by the quality management system.

Since 2020, Ar.Tec. continues to apply ISO 9001:201 criteria despite not renewing the certificate.



Ar.Tec. uses AutoCAD 3D Revit Architecture Suite (Version 2014 _ License # 394-15369682) Created specifically for architectural design, AutoCAD® Architecture software is an architectural drawing tool that helps you perform documentation and design more efficiently. Revit® interior design software is developed specifically for Building Information Modeling (BIM) including architectural design, MEP and structural engineering and construction capabilities. Building Design Suite offers the potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM), with tools for the design, documentation, visualization, simulation and sharing of projects, regardless of the CAD or BIM method required by the project. BIM can improve the planning, design, construction and management of buildings, and allows the aggregation of multiple models into a single file.